One Toke Over the Line – Smoking, Medical Marijuana and Fair Housing Laws

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Medical marijuana can now be legally prescribed in Florida, and the legislature continues to struggle with regulation of dispensaries in the State. Meanwhile, prescriptions can be filled in other States, for edible medical marijuana as well as the processed plant materials. At this point, low-THC products (with less of the chemical that causes the “high”) and CBD (cannabidiol) cannabis oil are available in Florida.  Most conversations related to the use of medical marijuana result in more questions than answers. And, the use of marijuana is still a Federal crime, although as of this writing, medical marijuana is legal in 28 States and the District of Columbia. Eight states have legalized recreational marijuana use. And the Federal Government is currently easing up on enforcement for medical marijuana and deferring to the individual States’ laws.  Leaving aside the debate about the wisdom and benefits of medical and recreational marijuana use, let’s look at how medical marijuana will directly affect community associations.     Read the article……………..

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