theCAMwire was developed by community association managers with the purpose of  bringing together every resource, partner and professional service provider in the HOA and condo management industry in the United States to one news driven location, providing value to boards of directors, community association managers (CAMS) and all other industry members.

Our focus is supporting Boards of Directors and Community Association Management professionals. There are many other resources available to homeowners that are not focused on here.

Hundreds of news articles are gathered from various resources across the web in all 50 states and are carefully chosen to only deliver the most useful information in the management of community associations. Other than state specific articles, nearly everything posted on theCAMwire will be relevant to you. Please follow the provided links to view the original post locations. For copyright reasons, only brief excerpts of articles are posted. OP/ED pieces are prepared by knowledgeable contributors to theCAMwire with unique perspectives and experience.

Reaching and uniting the majority of the CAM industry will take a crowdsource effort to share national, state and local resources, vendors, boards, management firms, etc. Please contribute to this effort by sharing and promoting resources that have provided value to you and your communities.

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Andrea King-Brock, Editor/Administrator